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Under loving support
of dance choreographer and director
Jozef Bednárik

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Supporting attractions


During Saturday you can join our supporting attractions that are thematically included into actual dance style. We bring you several very interesting examples:

Have fun and win golden prices

During the Festival you can win attractive prices. Everyone who is the guest of Festival Golden Dances can participate. All you have to do is to answer simple questions:

1. Who is the god father of dance Festival Golden Dances?
2. In which Slovak Spa is dance Festival Golden Dances taking place?
3. Which year is dance Festival Golden dances taking place in 2013?

4. How many parts (weekends) has dance Festival Golden Dances?
5. Who are the organizators and sponsors of dance Festival Golden Dances?
6. To which celebrity is paid the tribute this weekend on dance Festival Golden dances?

Drawing of lots of correct answers will run always during the evening gala show. 

Conditions of competition 
Contestants who correctly answer all questions can win vouchers for a stay in the Spa house Veľká Fatra. The winners are:

  • Emília Kapitančíková z Martina – dancing weekend NOCHE CALIENTE
  • Jaroslava Balážová z Martina – dancing weekend NA ĽUDOVÚ NÔTU
  • Božena Lichnerová z Martina – dancing weekend MAGIC NIGHT


Výherkyňa tanečného víkendu Noche Caliente Výhercovia tanečného víkendu Na ľudovú nôtu Výherkyňa tanečného víkendu Magic Night




You will have a unique opportunity to get private personal signature from famous Slovakian dance celebrities. On Saturday at 5pm after afternoon program you can join the autographing. 

Group school dance

We start with group school dance on Friday evening in the restaurant Maximilián, LD Veľká Fatra. The leaders of dancing school will be professionals according to particular dancing style. You are all welcome! During autographing on Saturday you can learn dance with our animators the famous dance of Golden Spa that is going to be teach during the whole summer. It is a summer hit choreographically made especially for Spa Turčianske Teplice devoted to dance Festival Golden Dances.

Ceremony of benches for celebrities 2013

Every weekend of dance Festival Golden Dances we will prepare a ceremony of benches for celebrity of our cultural life. Would you like to sit and take a photograph on the bench of famous Jožko Bednárik or Patrick Swayze? Don not miss this attraction!

Park of Glory

In the beautiful park of the Spa you can find besides rare trees also the Golden fountain and original spa benches where you can take a picture or just relax.

Rich program for children and adults

  • Animation – sportive, childrens, dancing
  • Performance of different dance groups
  • Performance musicians and singers
  • Performance of others artists (magicians, acrobats, etc.)

Summer refreshments in Palatín

On the occasion of Golden Dances we have prepared special menu in the garden restaurant Palatín. The garden restaurant Palatín is located in the Spa Park. More information you can get on: http://www.therme.sk/en/gastronomy/discover-your-spot.html.You can find some other refreshments also in other places in the Spa Park.

and Sponsors
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