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Under loving support
of dance choreographer and director
Jozef Bednárik

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Dance festival in Turčianske Spa

What they have in common dance and Turčianske Spa?

Golden dances are the unique Festival of different styles, music and art (Latino musicals, Folk dances, Modern dances and many others…). The Festival is the first one and unique in Slovakia because it connects all forms of art into one harmonic masterpiece.

The program of Festival is based on four topics (Noche Caliente, On the Folk note, Magic Night and Night Fever), which are going to be presented from May till August, through performance of various arts groups and individuals of certain styles. Besides of dance performances is available also a rich animation program for children and adults inside the Spa park and in the Spa and Aqua park.

The Golden Spa – Turčianske Teplice is focusing to heal the body. With the Festival we can bring you a joy, harmony coming from the art; we want to heal not just the body but also your soul. Dance by itself can connect music, can bring joy from the movements, emotions, the whole harmony, relax for organism and own psychological well-being.

Golden dances in Turčianske SpaThe dance is great form of communication and because of that we offer you through musical Festival Golden dances the possibility to enjoy your stay in the Golden Spa. Our aim is to bring pleasure moments for all people which they can carry with them back home and like to come back to the Golden Spa. 

From now on is there a new rule: in Turčianske Spa the dance can heal too!

LogoThe Golden Spa – Turčianske Teplice are one of the oldest thermal spa in Slovakia and Europe. They are located in central part of Slovakia, 24 km from Martin, surrounded by Veľká a Malá Fatra, Kremnické Mountains and Žiar. The healing mineral water is by its unique contains predetermined to treat musculoskeletal diseases, neurological diseases, renal diseases and urinary tract diseases and digestive system diseases. They had invested an enormous effort and money to increase the standard of healthcare, the standard of accommodation and gastronomy for past 10 years. The professionally trained and friendly staff can offer you a wide range of spa procedures with the highest quality. Beautiful Turčianska kotlina and whole region of Turiec can offer you colorful possibilities for active life that you can spend here during the whole year.     


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