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Name of the competition: Competition for the Golden prices.

Term of competition: 25.5.2013 – 17.8.2013.

Operator of competition:       Slovenské liečebné kúpele Turčianske Teplice, a.s.
                                                           SNP 519
                                                           039 12 Turčianske Teplice
                                                           Slovenská republika

                                   (next "Golden Spa")

Condition of competition:

Competition for the Gold Prices is promotional single tender issued by the operator of competition for individuals who fulfill the conditions issued in the rules of the contest. Provider of prices for the contest is also the operator of this competition.

Rules of competition:

Every individual may participate in this competition. Contestants have the opportunity during the dance festival "Golden dances" in the Golden Turčianske Teplice complete contest coupons and throw them into the lottery urns placed at the dance stage and podium near the Spa Park. Each correctly completed coupon by contestants will be included in a drawing for prizes listed below. For a correctly completed contest coupon will be considered true list of all required data on the coupon with the correct answer to the question. Contest coupons will be available at the hostess in the Spa Park. Contestants can fill in no more than 1 (one) contest coupon in one weekend.

Competition prizes:

Voucher for stay in the SPA & AQUA PARK for two persons, 1x half board per person included, 1x accommodation for two persons, 1x 3hrs enter into SPA & AQUA PARKU per person.

The price for one stay is =146 Eur. The price does not include spa fee =1 Eur/person/night, that has to be paid by the winner before the stay.

Drawing of lots:

The draw takes place on Saturday by the random selection from the urn by the person authorized by the operator during the competition always before the evening respectively during the evening performance. Drawn is just one winning coupon particularly to each dance weekend.

The notification will be sent to all winners via e-mail, telephone or SMS within 7 calendar days of the draw. After sending contact data to the organizer the price will be sent to the winner to given address or the winner can also receive the price in person by mutual agreement with the organizers. For personal handover of the price is the winner obliged to provide evidence of identity (for example with an identity card) to acknowledge receipt matches the signature on the acceptance report.

On the other side the winner is obliged on the base of received e-mail or SMS from the organizer about the winning prize to send a postal address for posting a prize. The identity of the winner has to be proved by the copy of identity card send by e-mail or mail. Then the prize will be sent by the post to the given address to his/her hands.

Contestant takes into account that prizes from the competitions, betting and gambling can not be under current legislation enforced by the courts.

Where it is found that a competitor has acted in breach of competition rules, forfeit their prize. In case of reasonable suspicion of an infringement of the competition rules have gold spa right at its discretion to exclude the participant from the competition.

In case that contestant has acted in breach of competition rules can lose entitlement of the prize. In case of reasonable suspicion of an infringement of the competition rules have Gold Spa right at its discretion to exclude the participant from the competition.

Each participant in a promotional contest by filling out and dropping the competition coupon gives the operator providing free consent to the processing of personal data in the information system together with the use for commercial purposes.

Operator, such any other entity is not responsible for any facts relating to winnings from the moment of their accepting by the winners.

Term of realization of winning stay:

The winner is required to complete a stay by the date of the gift voucher, which appears in the lower left corner of the gift vouchers. The onset is by appointment stay at the contact details set out in the letter accompanying the gift vouchers. When you arrive it is required to show the original valid gift vouchers.

Final provisions:

Income tax on the acquisition won under the current rules of the Slovak Republic, as well as any other charges on which, if any, may apply to the acquisition won winners, will be borne by the winners.

The Golden Spa reserves the right to change the terms, respectively competition rules during the course, as well as the right to shorten the competition, postpone, suspend or cancel it.

These promotional contest rules come into force on the date of signature of the operator promotion of competition and effect on the date the declaration promotional contest.

In case of doubt, promotional materials relating to the promotion of competition shall apply the relevant provisions of these rules promotional contest.

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