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Jozef Bednárik

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Peter Olej

Peter OlejHe started to do the sport when he was 6 years old; he became to be an ice hockey player. Then he switched to football and athletics and then he finished with dancing. He had chosen a new dancing style acrobatic rock and roll. He graduated as a trainer in FTVŠ UK.

Peter Olej is one of the most successful representatives of Slovakia in acrobatic rock and roll with his co-partner Dáša Danihelová. He repeatedly gains placing near the top in the competitions of pairs on European and World championships. He brought higher quality of teaching in dancing schools which are in VŠK FTVŠ UK. He is accepted as a choreographer and trainer not just in acrobatic rock and roll but also in many motion compositions, choreographies presented on various culture-social activities of Faculty and sport competitions or TV shows across the country.

Peter Olej´s most important awards: 1st place Championship SR 2000, 1st place World cup Wien 2001, 2nd place World cup Lyon 2001, 2nd place in World ranking for 2001, 3rd place World cup Riesa 2002, participating with the best six pairs on World Games in Akita, Japan.

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