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Under loving support
of dance choreographer and director
Jozef Bednárik

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Dancing stars of the World names

The first dancing festival Golden dances will be honored by the visit of excellent celebrities of our artistic life. Appraisals the Bench of glamour can obtain celebrities that devoted their whole life to the dance, made the Slovak dance more visible and discover new talents. Besides that two weekends are dedicated – in memoriam – to dance celebrities of world format that had dance in their blood and become a model for several generations.

Jozef Bednárik

Jozef Bednárik(born on 17. September 1947 in Zeleneč) is Slovak actor and theatre director.  In 1970 was graduated in study of acting in VŠMU in Bratislava. Since 1971 to 1981 he was an actor. From 1981 he was a theatre director in Theatre Z in Zeleneč, this theatre became under his leading one of the famous amateur theatres in the country. Later he worked in Theatre of Andrej Bagar in Nitra. He was focusing on musical-dramatical styles like opera and musicals. As a guest he was directing in the famous theatres in Bratislava, Brno, Praha and many others. The price of criticism for the best musical staging Faust and Margaret he got in the Festival in Edinburg. In 1986 he was honored by a title Merited Artist.

The most popular performances directed by Jozef Bednárik: Grék Zorba, Don Giovanni, Klietka bláznov, Popoluška, Adam Šangala, Dcéra pluku, Donaha!, Kabaret, Divotvorný hrniec, Titus Andronicus, Dom Bernardy Alby, Evanjelium o Márii, Grand-hotel, Pokrvní bratia, Jozef a jeho zázračný farebný plášť, Maniere teatrali, Carmen, Číňanky, Faust a Margaréta, Hoffmannove poviedky, Don Quijote, Rómeo a Júlia, Turek, Rusalka, Dracula, Monte Cristo, Johanka z Arcu, Elixír života a Angelika.

Heda Melicherová

Heda Melicherová(born on 20. May 1932). She is folk dancer, teacher and dramaturgist. She graduated from dancing pedagogy in VŠMU in 1961. She was dancing mistress and assistant of choreographer in SĽUK from 1962 to 1967. Until 1995 she taught Folk dances and kinetic training in Conservatory in Bratislava. She participated on the establishment of Musical and dancing school, later called Dancing conservatory. She was acting as a soloist in dance shows such as Dupák, Kresák, Drobná, Záletník, Žiarlivosť bez príčiny, Hviezdnatá noc, Vlachiko, Žartovný tanec z Myslavy, Povesť o Jánošíkovi a jeho hôrnych chlapcoch, Podpolianska mlaď a i. She started to work as a dramaturgist and leader of the group for folk culture in Czechoslovak TV in 1976. She participated dramaturgically also on TV transcriptions of famous pieces from Slovak literature (Vianočné oblátky, Katera, Starý včelár, Na operáciu s truhlou, etc.).

She was acting in the first color Slovak movie Rodná zem (1954), in Balada o Vojtovej Maríne (1964) and in the movie Sváko Ragan. In 1966 she was honored by a title Merited Artist in the folk art. Since 2003 she works as an archivar of art operation of SĽUK.

Mário Radačovský

Mário Radačovský(born on 29. September 1971 in Partizánske). She graduated in dancing conservatory of Eva Jaczova in Bratislava. In 1989 he started to work in the Balet of SND as a soloist. An extraordinary talent he proved when he won Czechoslovak balet competition in “A” category in 1990. He was a part of dance group “Netherlands Dans Theater” of Jiří Kylián in Haag in 1992-1999. He cooperated with the most famous world choreographers as: Jiří Kylián, Mats Eko, Nacho Duato, Ohad Naharin, William Forsyth, Édouard Lock, Hans van Manen, Paul Lightfoot, Johan Inger, and Paul Ribeiro. In 1999 he became a soloist of a group Les Grands Ballets Canadiens in Montreal. He participated on prestigious ballet shows Gala des étoiles in Montreal (2000 – 2006), Gala Stars in Toronto (2003), World Stars Gala in Budapest (2005, 2007, 2008) and Gala setkání in Praha (2003 – 2006).

In 2000 he came back to Ballet of SND in Bratislava as a dancer in role of Albert from ballet Giselle. From October 2006 till May 2010 he worked as a director of Ballet SND. In January 2011 he became an art director of chamber ensemble Balet Bratislava.

The most famous choregraphical pieces: The Letter, Passage à l'eau trouble, Valse, Inšpirácia, Bolero, Shadows and Lights, Balansoire, Stretnutie s labuťou, Soufflé des oiseaux,  Zmena, Warhol, 68, Večera, Urlicht, Everest, Maria de Buenos Aires, Rómeo a Júlia, Skrinka hračiek, Black and White, Monos, Queen.

Professor Štefan Nosáľ

Professor Štefan Nosáľ(born on 20. January 1927 in Hriňová). He is founder of folk art group Lúčnica. He worked there as an art leader, choreographer, dancer, director and teacher. In 1947-1953 he studied Faculty of Building engeneering in Slovak technical University in Bratislava. In 1953-1957 he studied choreography of dance in VŠMU in Bratislava. Since 1968 he started to teach in VŠMU where he led the Departement of dance creation in 1972-1992. In 1974 he habilitated to associate professor. In 1982 he was awarded with titul professor by the President of Slovak republic.

In 1949 Štefan Nosáľ was a dancer in Lúčnica. Since 1951 he became an art leader and main choreographer of Lúčnica. Dancing programs for Lúčnica prepared by prof. Štefan Nosáľ are: Vitaj naša jar, Hra a práca, Pieseň a práca, To je Lúčnica, Elán a Lúčnica, Karpaty, Lúčnica a deti, Z tej doliny na tú, Lúčnica – 60 rokov krásy and many others.

Very important art activity of prof. Štefan Nosáľ is also for SND in Bratislava where he had created choreographies for operas productions as: Krútňava, Svätopluk (E. Suchoň), Juro Jánošík, Beg Bajazid (J. Cikker), to ballet performance Ej, husári (S. Stračina) and for historically the most famous performance of SND drama to Na skle maľované. For Národné divadlo in Praha he created choreography for play Radúz a Mahuliena and for theatre in Plzeň dances to opera Krútňava. He cooperated also with Státní soubor písní a tanců Praha, with SĽUK, PUĽS and group of Laterna Magika Praha. The most important foreigner coopeations are choreographies and dances for Royal Opera House in Belgium, Antverps; and Dutch Danstheatre in Amsterdam and for state dance groups in Tunis, Moldavia, Sankt Peterburg and group Tamburitzans in Pittsburgh, USA.

Movies and TV shows: Chorea amore a Chorea guernica (r. M. Slivka), Tanečné miniatúry, Rok na dedine, Kubo, Sváko Ragan, Neďaleko do neba (r. M. Ťapák), Rodná zem (r. J. Mach), Hudba z Marsu (r. J. Kadár a E. Klos), Ej, tá človečina (r. M. Ťapák, B. Filan), Na skle maľované (r. K. Zachar), opery Juro Jánošík a Svätopluk (r. J. Zachar), súborové programy Lúčnica a jej deti, Karpaty (r. M. Homolka), Lúčnica na Křižíkovej fontáne v Prahe, Lúčnica – 60 rokov krásy (r. J. Ďurovčík).

Literature: Na ceste k súčasnej choreografii (1962), Choreografia ľudového tanca (1984, reedícia 1991), Môj život Lúčnica (2000) a Čarodejník Lúčnice (2007, spoluautor D. Machala).  

Awards: Merited Artist (1968), National Artist (1989), the Order of Ľudovít Štúr II. class (1997), Award of Ministry of Culture of Slovak republic (2001), the Crytsal wing (2001), Slovak Gold (2002), Pribina´s cross I. class (2007), award of Paul Strauss (2009).

Peter Olej

Peter OlejHe started to do the sport when he was 6 years old; he became to be an ice hockey player. Then he switched to football and athletics and then he finished with dancing. He had chosen a new dancing style acrobatic rock and roll. He graduated as a trainer in FTVŠ UK.

Peter Olej is one of the most successful representatives of Slovakia in acrobatic rock and roll with his co-partner Dáša Danihelová. He repeatedly gains placing near the top in the competitions of pairs on European and World championships. He brought higher quality of teaching in dancing schools which are in VŠK FTVŠ UK. He is accepted as a choreographer and trainer not just in acrobatic rock and roll but also in many motion compositions, choreographies presented on various culture-social activities of Faculty and sport competitions or TV shows across the country.

Peter Olej´s most important awards: 1st place Championship SR 2000, 1st place World cup Wien 2001, 2nd place World cup Lyon 2001, 2nd place in World ranking for 2001, 3rd place World cup Riesa 2002, participating with the best six pairs on World Games in Akita, Japan.

Michael Jackson

pocta Michaelovi Jacksonovi(born on August 29, 1958 Gary, Indiana, USA - died on June 25, 2009 Los Angeles, California, USA). He was an American pop, soul, and rock singer, songwriter and dancer of black origin. His commercial success is still unbeaten. He became the most awarded and successful artist with a profit of more than 600 various prizes and recognitions, which include the music awards as: Grammy American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Billboard Video Awards, World Music Awards, including the price – Best-selling artist of Millennium appreciated for the album Thriller recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling album of all time, the most Grammys received in one award in 1984, the biggest return on world tour in 1988, the highest recording contract - more than 890 million dollars for 16 years of cooperation, Best-selling Video - "The Making Of Thriller", the artist who most supported charities and organizations of all kinds.

Jackson 5 – in early 60s of 20 century, his older brothers performed in the sibling band and Michael joined them in 1964. The band broke in 1969 and it released a first record when Michael was 12 years old. At the same time he started his solo career.

Michael Jackson’s solo albums: Got To Be There, Ben, Music & Me, Forever Michael, Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, History, Blood On The Dance Floor, 20th Century Masters, Invincible, Number Ones, The Ultimate Collection, The Essential, Visionary, Thriller 25, King Of Pop, Hello World The Motown Solo Collection, Michael Jackson The Stripped Mixes, The Definitive Collection, This Is It, Michael, Immortal, Bad 25

Albums: Jackson 5/The Jacksons: Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5, ABC, Third Album, Christmas Album, Maybe Tomorrow, Goin' Back To Indiana, Greatest Hits, Lookin' Through The Windows, Skywriter, The Jackson 5 In Japan, Get It Together, Dancing Machine, Moving Violation, The Jacksons, Goin' Places, Destiny, Triumph, The Jacksons Live, Victory, 2300 Jackson St., Jackson 5 The Ultimate Collection, Jackson 5 Gold, Anthology, Ultimate Christmas Collection, 20th Century Masters, Michael Jackson The Motown Years, J is For Jackson, Michael Jackson The Remix Suite, Jackson 5 Greatest Hits.

Filmography: 1974: Free to Be... You & Me, 1978: The Wiz, 1981: Diana, 1985: Other Lover, 1986 Captain EO 1988 Moonwalker, 2002: Men in Black 2, 2004: Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls.

Patrick Wayne Swayze

Patrick Wayne Swayze(born on 18. August 1952 in Houston, died on 14. September 2009) was an American actor, dancer, singer, composer, dancing star in the movies in 80-ties of 20th century. He studied dance in the ballet schools in New Yourk. He started to dance professionally in touring theatre Disney on Parade. He worked on Broadway in New York and later he started to act in American TV shows. He became an American movie star thanks to a movie “Dirty dancing” in 1987. He died on September 14th 2009 in family residence in Los Angeles because of the cancer disease.

Filmography: 1979 - Skatetown, U.S.A., 1981 - M*A*S*H (TV seriál), 1987 - Hriešny tanec (Dirty Dancing), 1990 - Ghost, 2000 - Lulu is coming back.

Ján Ďurovčík

He is one of the most popular directors and choreographers and currently is among the leading makers of modern theatre in Slovakia and the Czech scene. He studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava at the professor Štefan Nosáľ and at the institute in Antwerp, Belgium.

His works could be seen by spectators almost all over the world - U.S.A, Japan, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Austria, Germany, Russia, Poland, etc. He systematically cooperates during his career with the most prestigious theatre scene in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. His works are listed in the State Opera House in Prague, Czech National Theatre, Slovak National Theatre, the Mahen Theatre, in J.K. Tyl Theatre, the State Theatre in Košice, the new scene in Bratislava, in the Jonáš Záborský Theatre, in the Kalich Theatre, in Goya Music hall...

He is the author of the first ever entry of the Czech nation hymn Má vlast (My Country) by Bedřich Smetana in Prague State Opera as well as the only Slovak author, whose work was introduced by Tokyo Metropolitan City Ballet at the National Theatre in Tokyo.

The greatest attention he pays to Slovak Dance Theatre where is fully devoted to his authorship. The works as Napľujem na vaše hrobyBolero, príbeh matkyLabuťko; Vták ohnivák or Carmen for years represent Slovak culture on the world stages. As a director and choreographer he staged many of the world and original Slovak musicals - West Side Story, Pomáda, Donaha!, Pokrvní brati, Fidlikant na streche, Hriešny tanec, Neberte nám princeznú, Na skle maľované, Čajočky.

He is co-author of the most successful Slovak musical of all time - Ôsmy svetadiel (Eight continent), which was enthusiastically received by audience in the Czech and Slovak Republic as well as the professional community. He holds several prestigious awards and he is winner of numerous choreographic competitions.

Noteworthy is also the television production, where he is a popular director of large galas or original television ballets (To hlasy ľudu slovanského, Lúčnica - 60 rokov krásy, etc.)

From the folk art there is especially performance – Strom (The tree) for Slovak Folk Art Ensemble, which won the Crystal Wing as well as courteous cooperation with his ideal and Professor Štefan Nosáľ for Lúčnica.  And top it off, can be considered the fact, that he is the most played director for the past two years in the Czech Republic at all.

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